Inside the Museum

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It was in the year 2000, that the Museumsfreunde Plau am See took action to raise a museum in the old barn in the castle's bailey.


Since then they meet regularly to work out next ideas and to put them into practice. After a general modernization in 2013 you now find an appealing exhibition on handcraft and industry in the ground floor. According to the distinguished historian of Mecklenburg  "Schlie", Plau once was an important regional industrial center. 


Albans Ruderantrieb


The exhibition highlights the inventor of a high pressure steam engine, which he let drive a steamer on the local lake as well. Many machines can be presented in motion, e.g. printing presses or the devices of a shoemaker.


To name some more topics:

- History of the town

- local bird life

- handcraft ( looms, Fishery, shoemaker, Printing)

- aviation pioneers in the region

- fur farming

- studio of the sculptor Wandschneider